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The Truth about those claiming to "protect" Greyhounds.

Radical activist groups - one based in Massachusetts - are telling lies and using stolen footage to convince voters that Greyhounds are abused or in danger when racing. Here is truth:

The State of Florida euthanizes an average of 700 dogs a DAY in Florida shelters. Of the 8-10 thousand greyhounds in Florida racing or training, an estimated fewer than 1 percent die at a track or kennel, and that number includes dogs who die of natural causes such as cancer or other diseases.

What is this radical group really up to? Why is this amendment on the ballot? These groups make their money off donations from hard working people and pay themselves exorbitant salaries. They rely on the public believing their supposed facts to make a living. They have teamed up with politicians and interests who want to bring unfettered gambling to Florida - and greyhound tracks are standing in their way.
Want more proof? The radical Massachusetts activist group is holding their campaign kick-off in South Florida at the Fountainbleu in Miami.
Click here for the TRUTH on the gambling interests in Florida and the Fountainbleu owners -  hooking up with politicians and now in bed with a radical activist Massachusetts anti-racing group:
What could be the real goal here? To turn Florida cities like Miami, Tampa & Orlando each into their own seedy versions of Atlantic City.
The other group we call out by name:  the Humane Society of the United States. Downgraded to a "D" charity rating. Dropped by the BBB. A CEO accused of being a sexual predator - at 1st being supported by his Board, then resigning in disgrace. This is a money factory who has also been prosecuted under RICO laws - which were originally passed to combat the mob. An organization who used the donations of gullible but well-meaning public and paid their CEO $330,000 in base salary in 2016. See the sordid truth about the HSUS here:
And Watch below:
Of course the BIGGEST LIE is that Greyhounds are "forced" to run - the video of this sweet retired racer tells you the TRUTH. This dog Bowie, is 14 months past an osteosarcoma diagnosis. Her front leg was amputated and Bowie has made a full recovery, is cancer-free and is doing what Greyhounds were born to do: RUN. her owner reports she is happy and healthy!
The truth is Racing Greyhounds like many working breeds such as Labrador Retrievers who are used when hunting, Sled Dogs who participate in racing, horses who race or participate in show jumping, or even dogs who herd sheep or then participate in agility contests - are all animals with jobs which keep them happy, healthy, in top condition and accomplishing what they have been bred to do for centuries.

The truth is Greyhounds are loved and protected. Here is just one example: the Greyhound adoption group in Lee County has an "emergency response" team who if somehow a Grey is lost or reported to be in a shelter, the team mobilizes within 15 minutes of receiving the information to get that dog out  and safe.

Greyhounds ARE America's Best Kept Dogs

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