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Past REAL Dog Protectors of the Week
A 10 year old girl, named Lily Retherford, has designed a NO ON 13 iron on patch, she's putting on bandanas for the greyhounds and shirts for people.... and is donating some to the auction.


Week Ending August 4,  2018
Lily Retherford
Week Ending August 11,  2018
Judge Karen Gievers
Judge Gievers ruled AGAINST the FAKE Dog Protectors of Yes on 13 backed by the deep pockets of HSUS and Grey2k.  She ruled what many knew from the start, the CRC and the politicization was a SHAM.  This should come as no surprise as they tried the same chicanery in MA in 2006
A campaign to get the measure on the ballot in 2006 stalled when the state's highest court ruled that the wording of the proposal was invalid.

CONGRATS Judge Gievers

A long time Greyhound trainer, Kurt probably loves the dogs more than humans.  An ambassador for the sport, you can find Kurt giving interviews and sharing the REAL insights of Greyhound racing and how the dogs are treated.  He is currently a trainer in West Palm Beach and trains some of the top dogs in the nation.  When it comes to top dogs, Kurt is it with his care and compassion for his dogs.  A REAL Dog Protector.  He is also instrumental in identifying retired racers that go on to become service dogs to our Veterans and the disabled.  Thanks for all you do for the sport and the service dog  program, keep up the good work.


Week Ending August 11,  2018
Week Ending August 18,  2018
Kurt Trzeciak
Greg Morse
Working for Cal Holland Kennel, all one needs to do is watch the live videos Greg puts on his Facebook page to see the love he has for his dogs.  You can usually catch a few during the week as he gives treats of marshmallows and vanilla crème cookies to the dogs he cares for.  In one picture above, you can see him on the verge of tears as he says one final goodbye to Nolan and sends him off to retirement.  Greg also likes to take his greys to the beach, and you can find those videos on his timeline as well.  Greg is another REAL Dog Protector that probably spends more time in the kennel than at home.  Congrats Greg, and keep those videos coming.  #CANTFAKETHIS


A.J Grant / Kathi LaCasse
AJ & Kathi have been right in the middle of the donnybrook called amendment 13.  Sacrificing what little personal time they have to run their kennel tours and promote the real TRUTH behind greyhound racing.  AJ has done numerous TV and online interviews telling it straight with nothing to hide.  When they do get brief periods away from the dogs, they enjoy Disney World.  With all the lies and defamation thrown their way, it must feel nice to be able to get away from it all, even if for a brief time.  Both are a testament to the REAL Dog Protectors, not the Fake Protectors who have never stepped foot in a kennel.  Thanks for all you guys are doing and


Jeff Sonksen

Jeff started out against racing.  but as any person with common sense and critical thinking skills, he wanted to check it out for himself.  So he contacted a kennel at the track in his city of Longwood to see behind the scenes what kind of treatment these dogs were really getting.  The videos showing the TRUTH the way the dogs are treated are legendary.  So much that the opposition has resorted to calling him names like "white supremicist' while also STEALING his videos and pictures and altering them to make their ads.  What does that say when they do not have any of their own material?
The above name calling is notable as Jeff was presented with the Martin Luther King award in the city of Longwood FL for all of his civic contributions.  When Jeff isn't documenting the REAL conditions at racing kennels, he is actively beautifying his community with his art on the Seminole Trail in Longwood.  Jeff Sonksen began covering the privacy fences along the Seminole Wekiva Trail with pop culture murals in late 2012.  In 2013, he was named as the Seminole County Artist of the Year. He's also been teaching others his style of painting. Earlier this year, Sonksen volunteered at Journeys Academy, an alternative school in Sanford, and helped the students paint murals of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein and Anne Frank. He has also started painting memorials for the recently deceased and fallen veterans.
Jeff does more for his community in a month than any shill from Protect Dogs, Grey2k or the Humane Society of the United States does in a year.  Thanks for your hard work and inspiration Jeff, a quality individual.
85 Adoption Agencies AGAINST Amendment 13
85 adoption groups.  That is how many adoption groups support greyhound racing and oppose Amendment 13.
Besides the kennel trainers, these are the people that see the most greyhounds coming off the track not some activists in an office.

These are the people who are uniquely qualified to testify that racing greyhounds are not abused, not treated inhumanely like THEY want you to believe. The UNPAID VOLUNTEERS know the greyhounds and what is best for their future

These adoption agencies take in Florida Racing Greyhounds and find them retirement homes all over the US and Canada and work tirelessly doing home visits and matching the right greyhounds with the right family.  Unlike the FAKE Dog Protectors, the animal activists,  these REAL Dog Protectors work countless hours for the love of the breed, not the almighty $$$.

Thank you ALL for your hard work and dedication to the breed we love.  Next time you see your adoption volunteer, give them a big hug and thank them for what they do.


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Mary Beth is a real force to be reckoned with. She is a dedicated volunteer of the GST Sun State Greyhound Adoption group. Hailing from Tampa, she and her family have been involved in greyhounds for many years. She works tirelessly at GST meet and greet events and CSG events spreading the truth about racing greyhounds and their care. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys spending her time at Derby Lane race track, sometimes helping out at one of the kennels and is the Tampa Bay Lightning’s #1 fan! She and her husband have one greyhound, Ellie, and a cat named Ming. Ellie’s littermate is also destined for her couch in the future!
The Committee to Support Greyhounds salutes Mary Beth for all the fantastic work she’s been doing, the 100s of hours she’s committed to educating people about racing and encouraging them to VOTE NO on #13. We also want to thank Honey Badger….her alter ego….for her feistiness and courage to take on our more adamant opposers.  ‘Cause Honey Badger don’t care!

Mary Beth Constante

When you look up the definition of "enthusiasm" , you might just see a picture of Randie Blumhagen beside the words.  Randie is an energetic and enthusiast member of the Greyhound Nation.  She is always finding articles and opportunities to spread the truth about greyhound racing. Between daily posts, reaching out to groups, and volunteering at events, Randie has been a very busy lady in the last few months!  She is familiar with the fight we are facing in Greyhound Nation as she was a strong advocate in New York to keep the Carriage Horses trotting around the city. Randie is also a great photographer and donated fabulous photos to the CSG auction to help raise funds for CSG activities.

When asked why she got involved in our Vote No campaign, she stated  "I joined this battle because I love the breed-- I love the racing industry. There is nothing more beautiful than watching these dogs do what they love -- and the love humans have for their dogs is just as beautiful!" Endlessly positive and passionate, Randie believes strongly in teamwork and so do we......Greyhound Nation-United we stand! Thank you Randie!

Randie Blumhagen