They are Born To Run - Fueled By Love

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All members have day jobs and do not derive their main income from greyhound racing.  We are a diverse group of housewives, office workers, stock brokers, photographers, etc..

All donations collected are going to fight Amendment by speading the truth, we have no administrative overhead as ALL members are volunteers.

All members have adopted one or many retired racers over the years.

Some members also volunteer with adoption groups, and as stated earlier, are unquestionably qualified to know that the dogs are treated well at the tracks.

Some members do have one or two racing greyhounds. In some cases have spent a few thousand dollars to let thieir greyhounds do what they love to do....RACE. Very few Committee members who have/had racing greyhounds has recovered their expenses. So contrary to what the opposition may tell you, most are not in it for the money.

While the opposition aims to end greyhound racing, the committee is resolved to end these kinds of entities that dupe their followers into donating tainted money that goes to lobbying and not taking care of any animals. These entities exist to spread misinformation, misrepresentations, and defamatoy propoganda to further their agenda. The Committee will continue to work to spread the truth so that we may see the demise of these charlatan organizations

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