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Friday, September 07, 2018

Hardly day goes by when I don’t hear from at least one person, asking what it is that they might do to help combat the multi-million dollar international cabal of animal rights extremists, and the powerful, corporate casino interests who are aligned against Greyhounds and Greyhound racing in Florida.

I had hoped that I could soon go back to writing articles about the Greyhounds which are of interest to adopters and other enthusiasts, and be done with this political argy-bargy.

Today we learned that the Florida State Supreme Court believes that the unbridled expansion of casino gambling, at the expense and to the ultimate detriment of the Florida Greyhound population, is a matter of Constitutional importance.

So now that all the legal maneuvers to preserve Florida’s Greyhounds, and the tradition of Greyhound racing in the state have been exhausted, the battle must be joined by boots-on-the-ground. It must be taken to the cities, to the towns and to the TV, radio, social, and print media.

Educating the public, and dispelling the voluminous amount of disinformation and pure mythology that exists about Greyhounds and their lives as racers, has always been a brick-by-brick process.

While time consuming and costly litigation to have Amendment 13 stricken from the ballot was undertaken and, sadly, smacked-down, a genuine grassroots movement arose from the ranks of the Greyhound’s adopters, admirers and adoption providers. Eighty-three Greyhound Adoption groups went on record as being against Amendment 13, which would effectively ban Greyhound racing in Florida.

For the first time, since perhaps the 1960s, Greyhounds, and those who speak for them and their future, were given space and opportunity in the print media and in television spots and radio shows. Billboards were rented to advertise Greyhound-positive messages, and social media was ablaze with the impassioned testimonials of hundreds of greyhound adopters, who vouched for the breed, and for the racing culture that has preserved and nurtured the many attributes and qualities for which the Greyhound is renown.

All this was accomplished by unpaid volunteers, who have no financial stake in Greyhound racing at all. They proved themselves to be amazingly resourceful, working on shoestring budgets, holding fund-raising auctions, and often, donating their own monies, to protect the Greyhound breed from those who have no concern for its current or future well being, or for the devastation their ill-informed legislation will wreak upon the American Greyhound population.

The most effective, articulate and resourceful of these organic, grassroots organizations, have been Greyhound Adopters for Racing (not a 501c3), and The Committee to Support Greyhounds.

So for those of you who are fortunate enough and who care enough to donate money to groups who are fighting effectively for the very survival of the racing Greyhound in America-- and by whom it will be well spent, on educating and informing the public, and winning hearts and minds--and for those who just wish to become involved, I commend and call these two groups to your attention.

Anything you can give or do to support them is a blow against slash-and-burn, animal rights tyranny, and the odious corruption within the political class of Florida.
Protect Greyhounds
Vote NO on 13

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UPDATE 1st Quarter 2018-2019 UP Almost 8%

Monday, October 01, 2018
Jacksonville, Palm Beach and Derby Lane for the 1st quarter of fiscal year 2018-2019 saw their total handle increase by 7.96% going from $78,679,255 in the first quarter of FY 2017-18 to $84,943,659.  The average daily handle for those three tracks went from $259,667 in the first quarter of FY 2017-18 to $266,281 for the first quarter of FY 2018-19

Clearing up the Handle LIE

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
In another desperate attempt to misinform the Florida voters, The Protect Dogs - Yes on 13 campaign once again put out an inaccurate press release.  Jumping on the fact that the state of Florida neither taxes or requires internet wagering on greyhound races to be reported, brought out the age old "Dying Industry" claim as the betting in person at the tracks declined year over year.  For those who actually know the truth, betting habits have changed just like peoples shopping habits.  How many of you order things online from Amazon and other online retailers?  Well betting has taken this turn also, but as you will see, the anti racing activists leave those wagers out to facilitate their campaign of misinformation.

In the annual report of the Division of Pari Mutual Wagering, lets look at the three biggest tracks, Derby Lane, Palm Beach, and Jacksonville.  In that report, the handle from Jacksonville was reported to the state as $39,829,574.  When you go online and search for past results, at the bottom of each days racing lines are the total handle reported by the track.  These numbers were painstakingly totaled by Dick Ciampa.  The total handle reported by this track for the same period was $90,530,670, a whopping difference of 50 million which was wagered online.  The Palm beach track provided more of the same.  In the State report, they had $49,988,741, the total reported handles by Palm Beach for that period were $155,671,152, A difference of 105 MILLION.  Similar results were noted for Derby Lane.  They reported $38,919,143 to the State.  The actual handle was $90,902,125 another 50 MILLION dollar difference.  So three out of the 12 tracks had 200 MILLION plus more dollars wagered than reported to the state and misreported by the Fake Dog Protectors.

One wonders what the numbers would look like with ALL 12 tracks analyzed.  Stay tuned as we may just do that to once again PROVE that the Protect Dogs - Yes on 13 campaign will steal, lie, and promote misinformation without shame to dupe and hide the truth from the Florida voter.

It is clear betting habits have changed and the State of Florida should be getting a piece of that pie, but they choose not to.  Nothing is dying here but brain cells and common sense.

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